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I am soooo sickerz :'(

2009-02-22 01:46:19 by XxAnarachistPeacexX

Sooo I am working on a real flash of these characters from this comic I've been working on since 2007. I finally get to animate them :3
This may take a few days, I'm actually pretty talented when it comes to finishing projects quickly but my dilemma here is getting voice actors (who will probably be all my friends at my college) Also the fact that, I need my voice for this project because I'm one of my characters. But being that I'm so sick, I'm losing my voice and I must rest it. I wonder, if I publish flashes of this comic, will that prevent any publishing in my future? Because I sorely want to be published. Anywho, It's all good in the hood.
One <3


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