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A lot of Things going on...

2009-04-26 17:59:41 by XxAnarachistPeacexX

A lot of things have been happening, Firstly I'd like to to thank Zyphonee for helping me out and making me believe: "Hey, maybe I can actually jump-start my career by doing this :D" and now I have LiveSwif now it's just a matter of making animations. But due to my personal life sucking, I haven't really been doing anything creative, I've actually been terribly depressed for a while. Now I have a LiveJournal, because I know no one will read it so its easier than writing in a physical journal. heres the link if you wanna glance at it but I don't recommend it. One line will make you start slitting your wrists...
Lol- that sounds like it should be a line in a song.

My LiveJournal

A lot of Things going on...


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2009-04-26 18:01:17

go kill yourself you fucking emo pussy whore

(Updated ) XxAnarachistPeacexX responds:

I really hate noobs, like seriously.


2009-04-26 18:40:16

Your name is very contradicting. First Anarchy- Chaos. Then Peace. Get the fuck off.

XxAnarachistPeacexX responds:

LOL That's the point. You're a retard.