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Just flaming people on You Tube

I haven't been doing much...

I'm so Glad I don't know these people

2009-04-27 17:10:49 by XxAnarachistPeacexX

I would end up having to kill them... check this out. So I recently joined a Zac Efron fan group on facebook (I know, I'm gay... get over it) and I swear to god If I really knew these people. I'd end up killing them. This is like a fucking epidemic of dumbasses.

I'm so Glad I don't know these people


2009-04-26 19:44:37 by XxAnarachistPeacexX

Its sad how two stupid fourteen year olds can turn a sentimental post that was directed to people who are interested in what's going on with my work into some type of challenge of wits Which I obviously won because I'm smarter than both of them. Which is probably two halves of a whole idiot.
This just proves my point on how stupid people are, and how stupid the world is.

God, I hate people...


A lot of things have been happening, Firstly I'd like to to thank Zyphonee for helping me out and making me believe: "Hey, maybe I can actually jump-start my career by doing this :D" and now I have LiveSwif now it's just a matter of making animations. But due to my personal life sucking, I haven't really been doing anything creative, I've actually been terribly depressed for a while. Now I have a LiveJournal, because I know no one will read it so its easier than writing in a physical journal. heres the link if you wanna glance at it but I don't recommend it. One line will make you start slitting your wrists...
Lol- that sounds like it should be a line in a song.

My LiveJournal

A lot of Things going on...

Because I'm a retard, my Flash CS3 expired-and I don't have a job sooo I'm basically screwed when it comes to the flash department. I even got voice actors and everything but-school work got in the way then I went to Canada and got addicted to Pringles. And its all because I suck. Hopefully when I get my summer job I can buy it and get back to work.

This is totally my own fault >.<

Due to being a college student and having to do hw, I didn't finish the animation. But It should be done by... Thursday, at the LEAST because, I still have some things to figure out in Adobe Flash CS3

Wow, a whole day and I haven't been on Flash,

Sooo I am working on a real flash of these characters from this comic I've been working on since 2007. I finally get to animate them :3
This may take a few days, I'm actually pretty talented when it comes to finishing projects quickly but my dilemma here is getting voice actors (who will probably be all my friends at my college) Also the fact that, I need my voice for this project because I'm one of my characters. But being that I'm so sick, I'm losing my voice and I must rest it. I wonder, if I publish flashes of this comic, will that prevent any publishing in my future? Because I sorely want to be published. Anywho, It's all good in the hood.
One <3